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Public Transit Tips

Bus Pass/Coins

Make sure you keep your bus pass in a safe location at all times. You never know when your going to need it! Some place like your wallet, jacket pocket (make sure it has a proper closure), school bag/purse. Just any item that you think will be with you for the most part. Also, you will want it to be easily accessible. Lots of people are usually in a rush to get in and out of buses, trains and subways; so having your entrance fee ready will really help you feel less anxious.


These will be your best friends! Android and Apple offer a variety of transit apps that will make your journey more efficient. If you’re in Mississauga, MiWay is a helpful app that indicates all the bus routes and their stop times. An app like Transit will help you with more than just buses. Transit helps you get from point A to point Z even if you need to change your mode of transportation 3 times. It’s the ideal application for your trips downtown, or to a new area you aren’t so familiar with. These apps will tell you everything from alternate times, locations and expected arrival. There is also the trusted Google Maps that will accomplish the same things but isn’t so great on a limited data plan. We recommend you plan your trips out while your at home in wifi and take screenshots of the route to use as a reference later on.

Be Alert

We are not just bringing this up as a safety precaution-although you should always be aware of your surroundings- but more so that you don’t miss your exit! Be aware of the screens at the front of the bus that show you the next stop. Even though the stop names are called out, if you have your headphones in, you probably won't hear a thing! So keep a look out for your desired stop.


Keep some hand sanitizer or wet wipes in your school bag. Literally thousands of people use public transit on a daily basis, and some of those thousands are bound to be sick! Prevent the common virus by having clean hands!


Depending on your commute time, it is always nice to be productive. You may as well make use of your free time in a comfortable seat. Bring a leisure book with you on the bus, or maybe take the time to review some of your notes before class. Whatever you decide to do, you will feel a lot better when you arrive to your destination with a sense of accomplishment.

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