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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for Mississauga Student Residences

How is acceptance into residence determined?

Acceptance into Mississauga Student Residence is determined on student status and room availability. At Mississauga Student Residences we encourage and promote a quite academic environment for everyone’s comfort.  Therefore, it is essential that each of our students represent and support this environment in a respectful manner. Ultimately we need to be assured our students are a good fit with the Private Residence. Correspondence of students need is also taken into consideration when making our final decisions.

We do our best to accommodate all applicants, every year we receive more applications than we have rooms available. As spaces become available in a specific residence, an offer will be made to that residence.


Is there an Application Fee to be paid when I submit my Application?

There is a $350 non-refundable Acceptance fee which is to be paid when you are accepted to MSR.

When will I find out if I’ve been accepted?

Students will receive notification of acceptance or wait list status within a few weeks of submitting their application. Acceptances continue as more spaces become available.

What is the distance to/from schools?


UTM (University of Toronto at Mississauga)

10 minute drive from residence.

15-25 minute bus ride. All Mississauga buses are free for UTM students to ride.


St. George (University of Toronto at St. George)

Students of the downtown campus can access the free shuttle bus from UTM. The bus ride duration will vary depending on time of day, however it will range from 45-60 minutes. The shuttle runs frequently, and the most recent schedule can be found here.

Driving to the St. George Campus will take the same amount of time and is highly dependent on the time of day.


Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga)

15 minute drive from residence

25-30 minute bus ride.
Students can purchase a Presto Card from Square One Shopping Centre, for a discounted rate, that will allow them access to all methods of public transportation in the GTA (Go Train, Go Bus, TTC, Oakville Transit, MiWay..Etc.). 


Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus (Oakville)

15 minute drive from residence

15-20 minute bus ride
Students can purchase a Presto Card from Square One Shopping Centre, for a discounted rate, that will allow them access to all methods of public transportation in the GTA (Go Train, Go Bus, TTC, Oakville Transit, MiWay..Etc.). 


What kind of safety precautions are taken?

Safety of our students is of the utmost importance. For the safety of all students and the security of the residence, no visitors are permitted with the exception of parents.

You will be comfortable knowing that we go to great lengths to provide a safe environment. The doors of each residence are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each resident has a secure access code to gain entrance to the residence. Only students living in residence have access. This code is changed at the end of every school term/year to account for the turnover of students in residence.

In addition, intercoms and security cameras are located at the residences and our staff take regular walking rounds to ensure the safety of the residence and to check in on the students.  Property Managers are always on call and available to help students regardless of the issue. The owner is available seven days a week.

Mississauga Student Residences passed all fire checks and safety inspections by the Chief of Mississauga Fire Department and by the Enforcement Building Inspector.


Is there parking available?

All MSR residences have parking. These spots are determined on a first come first serve basis.


Are laundry facilities available?

Laundry facilities are available on the main floor in the residences.  It’s $3.50 for a wash and $3.00 for the use of the dryer.


Is there a meal plan?

MSR does not offer meal plans. This allows our students the flexibility of buying groceries in the quantity that suits them best. This minimizes the cost for our students. And we are in close proximity to popular grocery stores, such as Longos, Costco, Walmart and No Frills, and a variety of restaurants, making MSR a convenient and affordable option for students. 


Are guests permitted?

In an effort to ensure the safety of students, to preserve the academic integrity of the residence environment and the security of the buildings, no visitors are permitted with the exception of parents.


Are there co-ed Residences?

Mississauga Student Residences are gender specific. We have two female residences, Colonial and Dover and two male residences, Burgess and Turnstone.  

Are rooms furnished?

Yes, each room is completely furnished with a bed, night table, lamp, desk, chair, wardrobe/closet, chest of drawers and bookshelf's. We ask students to bring a waterproof mattress protector when moving in, to ensure the cleanliness and longevity of the mattresses.


Is storage space available?

Many of the bedrooms have ample storage space. Other storage space is available for a nominal fee.


Are housekeeping services offered?

Yes, we are proud to offer a professional weekly cleaning service which is included in your residence fee.  This means that each week, staff are at the residences and do a complete cleaning of all the common areas including kitchens, washrooms, laundry rooms, halls and entrances.  Bedrooms are the student’s responsibility to clean.


Can I bring a fridge?

Yes, you can bring a mini-fridge for your room.


Can I smoke in residence?

There is no smoking permitted in residence or anywhere on the property.


Do you provide internet?

Yes, Internet is provided.  We provide the best internet available.

I rented a smaller room since it was the only one available, can I change rooms?

We allow our students to move around between available rooms.  Once you become part of Mississauga Student Residences family, you get first pick to any available room before we accept someone from our waiting list! 

My friend is living at the other MSR residence, can I move there to be with my friend?

Absolutely, as part of the Mississauga Student Residences family, you get first choice of any available room in any of the Residences.

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