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Hello, and welcome to Mississauga Student Residences’ new and improved website! This online platform was designed with you in mind. From its’ content to functionality, we want our current and potential students to find information with ease!

You may have already noticed we now have a blog section! Here you will find everything from tips and tricks on public transit, to local restaurant options all catered to a student’s budget and needs. We have created a space that will not only provide you with information on Mississauga Student Residence itself, but also the surrounding area. We encourage you to print off any of the guides you think may be of use to you so you can easily reference them. Alternatively, these posts will never expire and can always be found on from your mobile device or computer.

These posts will be developed by previous/current student's of Mississauga Student Residence and recent University of Toronto-Mississauga Campus and Sheridan College- Trafalgar Campus graduates! Meaning, we know exactly what type of information you need. And hey, if you think we are missing anything, this blog is for you, so feel free to contact us with your suggestions for future posts.

We hope you enjoy our new website. Stay tuned for all of our back to school blogs coming soon!

Lucy Katehos

Property Manager

Mississauga Student Residences

Dover Residence

UTM Graduate, June 2016

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