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Benefits of Choosing Mississauga Student Residence

Many of you have probably already been sent and looked over our comparison charts with the local institutions. This post is all about breaking down those key features (and even some extra ones), in order to explain why Mississauga Student Residence is the right choice for you!


Imagine this. It is a cold Sunday night in December. The wind is howling outside, blowing cold white snow. And in that moment you realise you forgot to do your laundry. Now you have to bundle up, rally up your laundry, laundry supplies and money, and walk outside, across the road, and down a flight of stairs, to the laundry facilities. And repeat the following steps for however many loads you may have. Not to mention there are roughly 70-85 students sharing 2 washers and 2 dryers, so the chances that you will have the laundry room all to yourself is dreadfully low.

Let’s get that awful image out of your head with a more pleasant one. At Mississauga Student Residences your laundry facility is conveniently located on the main floor in the residences. No cold late night walks required. The washer to student ratio is also widely reduced, giving you a better chance of being able to wash your clothes at your convenience.


Going back to the paying for something before you get it thing. Food is no exception, yet on-site residences will require you to purchase a “food plan” along with your full semester payment. Following a strict food plan gives you no flexibility. That food plan won’t apply if you want to go out to eat, or go grocery shopping, it only works for on-site establishments. That means, if you have any dietary restrictions, or simply want to eat healthier and save money, you are limited.

At Mississauga Student Residences we do not require the purchase of any food plans, in fact we do not even have them! We want to give our students the flexibility of spending what they want to spend on food, and eating whatever they desire or where ever they desire. Check out our blog posts: “Local Grocery Stores.” or “Top 5 Budget Restaurants” or “Local Hot Spots”

Study Space

We have all seen those tiny little desks in residence, you know the one that doubles as your night table and coffee maker stand. Speaking from experience, it is nearly impossible to comfortably get any work done in a crowded space. And finding a spot in the library during exam time? Forget about that. Unless you have your friends camp out with you outside the Starbucks to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic, you are out of luck. And even when you do find the coveted study spot, you can’t control the noises around you. Those “study groups” that sit at a big table and talk and eat for hours? Major distraction.

Living in a Mississauga Student Residence means you have quick access to a spacious residence, ideal for studying. Whether you prefer to be in your room, on the couch or even at the dining room table you are guaranteed to find a spot. The bonus of living with other students means everyone is working with a unique school/work schedule, so the chances of you having the entire couch to yourself, is nice and high! Mississauga Student Residences promotes a quiet respectful academic environment so this will ensure you are coming home to a comfortable place to study. Another bonus of studying at home? You don't have to worry about catching a late bus from school when your bed is right there!


If you are lucky enough to have access to a car, you won’t feel that way when you find out what a yearly residence parking pass is at the University. Many students are under severe financial pressure and cannot afford parking rates. The 2019-2020 university rate is $1,000 where at MSR the rate is only $50/month ($600/yr) and your car is parked right outside the front door.

You can see the shocking difference between parking prices. Mississauga Student Residences understands what it means to be a student. A huge part of that being, is minimal income. So we have created a fair rate which supports this.

Moving Residences/Rooms

We have save the best for last! What other residence gives you the flexibility to move between available rooms? None that we can think of. At Mississauga Student Residence we allow our students to move around between available rooms at different residences.

So what does that mean? Let’s say you have been eyeing a specific room on our website and feel in love. Once you become part of the Mississauga Student Residence family, you can let us know that room has caught your eye, and as soon as it becomes available, you get first pick before we even accept someone from the wait list! That applies even if you're at a different residence. The only stipulation is the residence has to support your gender. So if you're a female, you can choose between Dover and Colonial rooms, but will unfortunately have no flexibility with Burgess or Turnstone. Also, please do keep in mind that rate changes may apply. If you start your lease with a room that has a shared bathroom and want to move into an ensuite when it becomes available, the rate increase will be applied, but discussed in detail before anything becomes official.

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