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Searching for living accommodations - A helpful checklist

There are many things to consider when searching for living accommodations - which is why you should start early! Like 3-6 months before kind of early…

You may be thinking we are crazy for suggesting looking into anything more than 1 month prior. But the thing is, the good places, those that check off all your requirements for a good living space…. fill up fast! Of course, we are referring to Mississauga Student Residences. We sometimes have waiting lists that last for 2-3 semesters!! But as with all things, good things are worth the wait!

Let’s start by discussing some of those “checklist” items you want to consider when searching for living accommodations. Now, these will be different for everyone based on your specific needs, but there are a few general ones that should be every students’ top priority!


🖵 Is the place you’re looking at walking distance from regular transit? Living far away from the bus stop can add many minutes to your school commute. All MSR residence are within a 2-5-minute walk from bus stops, so check!

🖵 Is cheaper rent worth the longer commute? Try picturing yourself after a long and tiring day filled with studying. Do you really want to be commuting for over an hour just to get home...and study more? I’m assuming you don’t want to be doing that...and you’ll be happy to know the express 101 MiWay bus gets you at MSR doors in 25 short minutes.


🖵 Is the neighbourhood safe? Your walking home late at night - would you feel safe in that area? Does the community make you feel comfortable? Mississauga Student Residences are all located in a mid-upper-class area of Mississauga. You feel more than safe with our warm community enhanced with our high-quality security features.

🖵 Are you okay with noise from other students, young families with children or busy traffic? Take it from me. While those radically low prices are extremely attractive to an underpaid student - you need quiet time! After a go-go-go motion all day in class to the library back to class and repeat, you need a place you go to and relax/finish up some extra work. It’s also a bonus knowing that if the weather is awful (which to my international students...that happens a lot here) having a quiet and safe space to do your work is an incredible time saver and an even better stress reliever. This is why MSR promotes a respectful and quite academic environment.

Food Sources

🖵 Are there grocery stores near?

Trust me. You do not want to be carrying your groceries on more than a 20 minute walk. We have all been there with the blistered hands and numbing fingers… it’s not a good situation. Luckily, MSR is close to 4 amazing grocery stores - check out our local grocery store blog to find out more!

🖵 Does your living space have a kitchen? And even if there is full kitchen access included - what does that kitchen look like to you? Is it clean/sanitary? Have the landlords maintained the space and appliances? Keep in mind this is where you will be cooking most of your meals, so you want the space to be clean! MSR offers a weekly cleaning service (included in the occupancy agreement) that takes care of all common areas! So, you can forget about the stress of mouldy dishes and rusted ovens (oh yes...they’re out there).

Utilities and Extras

🖵 Is there properly functioning heating and air conditioning? Some places may advertise that all utilities are included...but won’t actually let you know what that entails. Or, they will claim to have all these amazing features until you sign a lease and realize nothing works! Be diligent with the places you are considering for your living accommodations. You do not want to find out the apartment you rented doesn’t have working A/C in the middle of summer school! MSR covers all basic utilities plus way more! Just browse our website a little and you’ll see exactly why we are a cut above the rest!

🖵 Is the WIFI fast/reliable? This is self-explanatory. We are students. We need reliable high speed internet. Not internet that’s going to crash 5 times the night before your philosophy assignment is due. And I have to say...MSR’s connection and reliability beats the local campuses (shh…).

🖵 Is laundry on site? Like on university residences, laundry is off site, which is the worst in the winter...Let’s face it, it’s just the worst. Because laundry areas are not as glamorous as TV shows like Friends will have us think. It is very convenient to have space where you can safely (and warmly) wash your clothes. All MSR have laundry facilities on site, on the main floor of the residence.

🖵 Is it fully furnished? Save the hassle and money of buying all new furniture! Trust me, those expenses add up, and then when your rental agreement is up…what do you do with all of it? You do not want to be sleeping on a single-sized mattress forever. Also, keep in mind that a lot of places will claim to be fully furnished, but in reality its just a bed and a dresser. MSR offers fully furnished bedrooms (including bed, mattress, chair, desk, side tables and even lamps) with new and well-maintained equipment. Making furniture shopping one less thing you have the worry about.

Do you guys like this type of post? Leave a comment down below letting us know and we can expand on what to look out for! There is so much to consider but we hope these main points have helped you gain some clarity.

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